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  • Nithin G.M.

    Nithin G.M.

    Film Buff. Struggling Filmmaker. History enthusiast. Amateur rapper / lyricist. World Cinema lover.

  • Rithwik Rajendran

    Rithwik Rajendran

  • Abel Meszaros

    Abel Meszaros

  • All Stats Aren’t We

    All Stats Aren’t We

    A Leeds United blog which focuses on the tactical and statistical aspects of the game

  • Benoit Pimpaud

    Benoit Pimpaud

    Full Stack Data. Twitter @Ben8t. From An Engineer Sight : a periodic about data-science, engineering and design : fromanengineersight.substack.com

  • Michael Niemeier

    Michael Niemeier

    Writer. Owner 720 Wrestling.

  • Aidan Reagh

    Aidan Reagh

    Performance and Recruitment Analyst with experience at FC Groningen and Bristol Rovers, also spend time coaching goalkeepers. Twitter: @ARDataAnalysis

  • Astha Singh

    Astha Singh

    Proud Entrepreneur | Unapologetic Marketing Strategist | Hardcore Food Maven | Incurable Problem Solver | Avid Reader | Passionate Writer | Travel Aficionado

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