Champions League Football or not, this team is special: Jose Bordalas’ Getafe and the Defensive Masterclass!

Story So far

Getafe have had an excellent 2019–20 campaign as they head into the last leg of the league season, competing to finish in a top-four spot

Enter José Bordalás

Jose Bordalas took over the reins in Getafe in 2016–17 when they were relgated to the Segunda Division but in no time, has brought the club up to a top level


Getafe’s standard starting XI


Getafe’s man-to-man approach when the opponent is in possession in the attacking third
Aerial view of the high-pressing in the attacking-third. Wide-midfielders Cucurella and Nyom stay central until the ball is played to one of the opponent full-backs, after which they close down
Getafe’s high-pressing in the attacking-third vs Ajax almost resulting in a scoring opportunity

Middle third

As the image suggests, Getafe deploy majority of their pressing in the middle-third with 51%. This is the highest % of pressure in the middle-third by any team across Europe
As ball is in the middle-third but a wide area, Getafe close down the ball-side with numerical superiority with the entire team sliding towards that flank before they start pressing
Aerial view of Getafe closing down their opponent to one side in the middle-third before they start pressing and winning the ball back. As you can see, Getafe have 8 players surrounding the ball-holder within 30–40 yards of space
Getafe’s midfielders dominate the charts in terms of number of pressing attempts in the middle-third
No team Europe invests 50% of its pressing attempts to the middle-third except for Getafe. These are some of the best teams across Europe in the 2019–20 season and their preferred pressing area.

Defensive Third and Penalty Area:

As the ball is about to enter the final-third, Getafe prepare themselves to maintain their lines and 4–4–2 shape
Getafe risk playing the offside trap till the very last instance
At the very first opportunity, Getafe push up and take the defensive line as high up the pitch as possible to limit space to the opponent

Dark Arts

Getafe committed 24 fouls against Mallorca in their 0–1 away win, out of which 18 fouls were in the attacking half with just 6 in the defensive half. There are 0 fouls anywhere near the penalty area, an indication that Getafe know where to break down attacks

Goalkeeper David Soria, an unsung hero!

Goalkeepers across Europe who have the highest defensive actions per 90 outside the box

Jose Bordalas: A crazy man who loves football!

What does a team need to win a football game? 1–0! How does the team do it? Well you can find out right here in, what will be soon, a library of tactics.

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