Whether or not one would agree on Germany being the best side of the tournament so far or not, there is little doubt to whether they have been one of the most entertaining sides to watch so far or not. It is not only the mixture of experience, young-talent and never-ending passion that makes them a team to watch out for but it is also the group that they had been drawn into, which has made things all the more curious for the fans.

With the reigning World Champions France and the reigning European Champions Portugal as the opening fixtures…

The 4–2–3–1 is one of the toughest shapes to break through as it covers almost all the key areas with a near-perfect vertical & horizontal staggering and there is very little space left open for the team in possession to take advantage of. However, there are ways to break down every defensive-shape or structure with the main objective being to pull players out of position, create space, moving the ball into that space and progressing further up-field. So when it comes to breaking down the 4–2–3–1, how do we go about doing it? …

One of modern football’s greatest thinkers Thomas Tuchel is known for his tactical masterclasses against specific teams, formations & structures. Today we have a look at his huge win against Klopp’s Liverpool in 2018

With Thomas Tuchel’s arrival at the Stamford Bridge, most of the tactics-enthusiasts have been excited to see what he would bring. Five Premier League games, one FA Cup and we have seen a free-flowing, forward-thinking, positive, vertically-inclined Chelsea who were structured 3–2–5 in possession and 5–2–3 out of possession.

However as ardent followers of Tuchel would know, these variants in structures or formations aren’t new to the German and he pretty much goes for any shape which allows his side to stick to his principles and play the football of his kind.

Speaking of which, there was one game of…

ATK Mohun Bagan are off to a flying start in the Indian Super League 2020 and the 3–5–2 of Antonio Habas has been a highlight with majority of the teams not finding it comfortable to break it down. In more recent games, ATK have experimented with a 4–4–2 as well as a 4–3–3 but it is with the 3–5–2 that they have seemed the most solid so far. We shall have a look at the same in a detailed manner with focus on the following aspects:

1. Formations & Preferred Starting XI

2. Approach in Possession

3. Approach without Possession

Atletico are off to a flying start in La Liga this season with 6 wins & 2 draws from 8 games, scoring 18 goals and conceding just 2 in the process. This was definitely not what a majority of us expected, especially given the departure of Thomas Partey on the final day of the transfer window. But it looks like Diego Simeone has found his mojo and this time, he seems to have found it in a fashion that we don’t really associate him with.

From relying on the opponent’s disorganization which was a reactive approach to the game, Atletico…

Last year, a young Norwegian took the football world by storm. After fantastic performances with the Norwegian youth teams, he made his first impression in the professional football sphere. And boy did he perform. First at Salzburg, later that season in Dortmund who paid 20 million € last winter for the striker. His name, you might have guessed it, Erling Haaland. In 40 games he scored 44 times and assisted for 10 goals. Not only in Austria but also in the German Bundesliga Haaland needed little time to adjust and scored and incredible seven goals in his first three games…

While there is a lot of talk going on with regard to the lack of experience as a first-team coach at the top-flight level, how exactly did Juventus look under Andrea Pirlo on his Serie A debut?

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Antonio Conte’s return to management with Inter, Atalanta’s attacking football, Lazio’s burst into the top three, Gattuso fighting back the crisis at Napoli, Ibrahimovic leading Milan back to winning ways…. While there are already enough reasons for someone to be excited about Serie A, here we are welcoming yet another addition to Italian football; Andrea Pirlo, The Manager!

For someone who vowed to never get into coaching or management not too long ago, Pirlo has certainly made a huge decision by accepting a club as big as Juventus as his first ever. Any football lover…

Will Lampard be able to create a successful system fitting in all three of his stars?

Chelsea have had one of the most prolific transfer windows they have ever had in recent times. As the likes of Willian, Pedro and Giroud were all nearing the mid-30s, a revamp of the attacking unit was the need of the hour. With the addition of Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech and Kai Havertz, the Blues have made an attempt towards building a well-oiled attacking machine for atleast the next 6–7 years.

The combined fee of the three stars crosses a massive 150-million, which may still be considered reasonable by some, given their ability to perform. However, it is still…

With Donny van de Beek’s move to the Theatre of Dreams all but done, let us have a look at what can he bring to the team’s midfield and to their attacking unit.

Donny van de Beek is definitely among the most unique footballers in top-flight football today and it is a bit unfortunate that it is not yet a widely known fact among mainstream fans. Lets quickly look at what makes him that unique and whether or not it makes sense for Manchester United to splurge the cash to bring him to Old Trafford:


For years, there has been one constant accusation that has been made on Pep Guardiola; Pep refuses to adapt as per his opponent, situation and objective in the UEFA Champions League. This is also the reason that many believe for Manchester City’s failure to progress beyond the Round-of-16 stage or quarter-finals stage.

However this season, the Man City coach has shown enough and more evidence to the fact that winning is just as much a priority as is sticking to his principles of football. While City’s 2–1 win over Real Madrid in the 2nd leg of the R-16 tie may…

One Nil

What does a team need to win a football game? 1–0! How does the team do it? Well you can find out right here in, what will be soon, a library of tactics.

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