One of modern football’s greatest thinkers Thomas Tuchel is known for his tactical masterclasses against specific teams, formations & structures. Today we have a look at his huge win against Klopp’s Liverpool in 2018

With Thomas Tuchel’s arrival at the Stamford Bridge, most of the tactics-enthusiasts have been excited to see what he would bring. Five Premier League games, one FA Cup and we have seen a free-flowing, forward-thinking, positive, vertically-inclined Chelsea who were structured 3–2–5 in possession and 5–2–3 out of possession.


While there is a lot of talk going on with regard to the lack of experience as a first-team coach at the top-flight level, how exactly did Juventus look under Andrea Pirlo on his Serie A debut?

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Antonio Conte’s return to management with Inter, Atalanta’s attacking football, Lazio’s burst into the top three, Gattuso fighting back the crisis at Napoli, Ibrahimovic leading Milan back to winning ways…. While there are already enough reasons for someone to be excited about Serie A, here…

One Nil

What does a team need to win a football game? 1–0! How does the team do it? Well you can find out right here in, what will be soon, a library of tactics.

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